Reclining Sofa Styles And Features

46The variety of styles and features that is available for a reclining sofa can be overwhelming. Recliners are available with a power or manual reclining mechanism, with head and massage features or cup holders. Consumer may choose between a traditional two-position recliner, a wall-saver or a push-back recliner. This article will give an overview of the most common features and styles to help you make the right buying decision.

Features to consider when buying a recliner

Each year furniture manufacturers come up with new features to make reclining couches more practical and relaxing. Not all of them are useful for everyone, thus it is important to consider which features you really need (and are willing to pay for) before you buy a recliner.

  • Reclining Mechanism: You can choose between power and manual recliners. The former can be reclined up and down by pressing a button. The latter are less expensive, but the user has to recline the sofa manually via a lever that pulls backwards to extend the footrest outward.
  • Storage Options: Some recliners come with storage cubbies build in the center console to store remote controls or other important items.
  • Cup Holders: Cup-holders can be found in the center console or armrest of the recliner and are perfect to hold beverages while relaxing.
  • Heat, Massage and Vibration: Some recliners come with a build in heating and massage function that aims to provide the perfect relaxation and help increase blood flow.
  • Drop-down Tables: Perfect for everyone that loves to eat on the sofa. Drop-down tables fold down easily into position between two viewers and generally also include cup holders.
  • Laptop Computer Plug-ins: If you like to work while relaxing on a reclining sofa, laptop computer plug-in receptacles wired into the sofa might be a good additional feature.

Different styles of recliners

Most recliners are available in one of the following three basic styles.

  • Traditional Two-Position Recliner: As the name suggests this type of recliner only provides two seating positions, the reclining and upright position. It is easy to use and very practical, but requires some space behind it to be lowered into a fully reclining position. As such, it is perfect for larger rooms. Two-position recliners are available as loveseats, full-length or sectional sofas.
  • Wall-Saver Recliner: This type of recliner is perfect for smaller rooms or when available space is an issue. Wall-savers only need a few inches of space behind them in order to be able to recline. In most cases, a wall-saver recliner will offer a great variety of reclining positions, not just the traditional two positions.
  • Push-Back Recliner: A push-back recliner does not need a lever or button to recline. One must simply lean back and exert pressure on the back of the chair to move it into a fully reclined position. In most cases, push-back recliners look more trendy and are more expensive than the other two types of recliners

Stylish Sofa Beds For Your Home

169Among the wide range of contemporary furniture for a living room and bedroom, a sofa bed is one of the best choices for people who face lack of space at home. These sofa beds are not only space-efficient and cost-effective but can definitely give your home a modern look.

Depending on the type and design of furniture, you can give a whole new look to your home. Whether it is for bedroom, living room or dining room, you can find a wide range of furniture to suit your taste. But if you live in an apartment with limited space to manage, it is important that you choose your furniture carefully. Whether you live alone or with family, a bed, sofa and dining table and chairs are some of the essential pieces of furniture you need. Due to the space constraint, it may not be possible to place even an extra bed for your guests. But, today you have a number of options to choose from, as there is a wide range of contemporary furniture available in the market. These products are designed keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of the customers.

Even if you are one of those people who face space constraints at your home, you can choose the right contemporary furniture and give a modern touch to your home. If you want a multi-purpose furniture which does not take up a lot of space, you should definitely get a sofa bed. It is considered to be a piece of furniture with one of the most innovative designs. You can use it as both, standard sofa and bed. With it, you do not have to worry about where your guests will sleep. When you want to spend an entertaining afternoon, you can use it as a regular sofa and at night, you just have to unfold it into a bed. In fact, it is better to get a sofa bed instead of buying a sofa and bed separately because it is not only space-efficient but highly cost-effective.

Over the years, the material used and design of furniture have undergone a lot of change. Unlike traditional ones, today’s contemporary furniture use different materials like stainless steel, chrome, plastics, leather and fabrics. As far as appearance is concerned, most contemporary furniture look simple but elegant. The geometric patterns and sleek designs of some of these furniture give them a futuristic look. Moreover, you will find that these good quality products are highly durable. With the availability of furniture with varying designs, styles and colors in the market, you have ample options with you. For instance, you can either buy a leather or fabric sofa bed. Even the color range may vary from dark shades of espresso or black to pale ones like red, green, yellow or white.

So, if you think a sofa bed is the right furniture for you, you can find it easily from one of the furniture stores which offer high quality contemporary furniture. But before you make your purchase, it is better if you spend some time on research. Most of these furniture store have websites on which they provide detailed information about the range of products and the prices at which they are offered. So, you can do a quick online survey and can even compare between different stores. As you also find a wide range of sofa beds from which you can choose, an idea about the range of products available in the market can help you make a better choice. Whether you want a clubber deluxe sofa bed or cassius deluxe sofa bed, you can buy it from one of the trusted furniture stores at affordable rates.

Sleeping on Your Modern Sofa Beds

45The problem when you are trying to redecorate your home is blending options. Of course you have matched everything with the furniture etc.

Which comes to the question of when it is time to get a new sofa, either because your old one needs to be replaced, or you do not have one yet, or need some extra seating, consider getting a sofa bed. Sofa beds are better than ordinary sofas. Other than giving you comfortable seating space, they also double as a bed. Modern sofa beds are great for the living room, and can even work well in the bedroom in place of the bed. There are tons of options so it is quite hard to choose better yet to think which ones to pick.

Having a sofa bed puts you in control of the space you live in. Whether your living space is limited or you live in a roomy home, it is always useful to have an extra sleeping area. However, having a sofa bed means you don’t have to dedicate that space as a bedroom and lose any dual functionality the room may have. Instead, you can transform it into its ‘secret identity’ and use it as a piece of functional and aesthetic furniture when it is not needed to sleep on. Because of the ergonomic designs employed by the manufacturers of sofa beds, modern models can complement virtually any living space. Instead of having to tuck it away in a back room only to haul it out when needed, contemporary sofa beds are available in a range of styles and materials ranging from rustic comfort to the sheer luxury offered by a leather sofa bed.

Sofa beds can be made from a variety of materials including ones with cotton or polyester covers, suede effect or leather and are also available in many different styles to suit the layout of your room. As well as the traditional two or three seater sofas, small chair beds and corner group sofa beds are also widely available . Corner sofas can be a great way of utilising the space that you have. The main part of the base simply folds down to create a large rectangular sleeping area.

When you have chosen your style, go on to choose your desired fabric. The microfiber fabrics of the sofa beds have a sensual appeal that just cannot be imitated. Lately, microfiber fabrics have become a timeless classic, and on a sofa bed certain colors take on a fresh, urban edge. This is tradition re-energized. The microfiber exudes perfection even as it delicately reflects its surroundings, creating a style statement that blends in as much as it stands out.

Helps you become a more hospitable host. There are times when sleepovers come unexpectedly and if you are not ready, this could leave a bad impression and a great hassle to your guest. What if a storm ensues and you have no proper modern furniture to make your guests comfortable. You might not see them take a step inside your house ever again. With this type of furniture, you can have your guests to sleep over comfortably in the confines of your home even though it may be a surprise one for you.

So think carefully about who will be sleeping on your sofa bed, how often & where, & make sure you choose the sofa bed that is right for you. With so many types & models available you should be able to get something that fits the needs of you & your guests perfectly.

How To Choose The Right Sofa For Your Home

166There are many types of sofa in the furniture market. Choosing the right sofa for your home is important to make sure the chosen size, design and colour fit your room d├ęcor. Getting the wrong size may either cause your room to look small and cluttered by oversized sofa, or look overly spacious because there is not enough sitting area. Selected sofa design and colour would greatly affect the overall interior design and ambiance. Below are some tips how you can choose the ideal sofa for your room:

Get The Right Size

Besides determining the size of the room where the sofa will be placed, you would also need to find out the dimension of your main door. Do not buy a sofa set that can’t go through the main door. The chosen sofa should not be too large or too small for your room as it will be the main furniture display set in the living room. L Shaped sofa or large sofa set like sectional sofa would fit well in a large living room to provide more seating space. For smaller living area, nicely designed smaller sofa set would be ideal.

Choosing the right sofa type

L-Shaped sofa is a popular choice for most home owners because it looks neat, presentable, provide wide seating area and can work like a divider between the living room and dining area if the two areas are combined in the same space. But if your room is small, smaller sofa set should be considered such as daybed or love seat and include a few chairs with cosy cushions to give the extra comfort for your guests. The extra chairs can be stored if you want to make the living room look more spacious when you are not expecting any guest. Consideration of how the sofa set will be used and arranged, e.g. for personal usage only to watch TV or to be used for entertaining guests, will also determine the types of sofa you should purchase.

Selecting sofa material

While light coloured suede fabric sofa seems like a popular choice to many, you would need to consider if there are any pets or little ones who may easily soil the fabric setee. Both fabric and leather sofas have their unique beauty. Your selection should consider the upholstered furniture’s maintenance requirement, how the sofa will affect the overall layout of the living area (leather sofa tends to be larger than fabric), durability, etc.

Ethan Sofa For Your Living Room

23Ethan sofa is designed in a way to give you comfort and as one of the furniture which are made for home improvement. Your home looks great and different with this kind of sofas; its design in a classic way and looks excellent within your modern home style. Their material is created from leather, which makes it a high quality that no worries about your comfort, especially when sitting on them. There are available in different sizes making it possible to get one according to the amount of space in your home, be it big or small. Any Ethan sofa gives a good offering for anyone who is looking for the best product. Normally available Ethan sofa has curved track, gently sloped arms and crunchy couture that help make it not only fashionable but also comfortable while using it. Its ‘not too deep’ urban sizing with seat is absolutely right for a majority of today’s plans for flooring. Its atmosphere-friendly cushions for the seat are detachable and extremely comfortable.

Ethan sofa give an affordable price that you would never image, it has being given the best price that you can reach one at least with less than $1500 .With this price you are also able to get a discount hence making a good deal. This product is really good looking and cute that you never be disappointed to own one within you modern home. If anyone thinks about sofas go for Ethan sofas which are known as beautiful and functional.

After buying Ethan sofa you need to know how to take care of it, the much care is therefore reduced when you choose a best and a quality one. Its maintenance becomes easy and simple for it is designed and crafted in a way that only a minute care has to be taken for its prolonged lifetime. The beauty of an original Ethan sofa does not vanish; beware of some who don’t sell original product. Only go to the right dealers or get it direct from Ethan Allen. When purchasing one you should make sure you receive a warranty in case anything happen you don’t loose you money.